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Metcalf Mission Statement

Metcalf Laboratory School is a caring community of life-long learners. Its mission is to act as a model for educational methods and theory in support of the preparation of future educators, conduct educational research, offer quality educational programs for children, and disseminate information to others in the educational profession.

Mission of the Laboratory School Unit

The mission of the Laboratory School Unit is derived from four sets of inter-related functions. The primary function is to provide a model school in which excellence in educational theory and practice can be observed, studied, and experienced by teacher education candidates. The faculty of the Laboratory School Unit works closely with faculty from a variety of University departments to blend professional theory and applied instructional practice. The schools also provide a laboratory for selective introduction of innovative and alternative techniques and methods.

As another function, the Laboratory School Unit provides an environment in which research and developmental activities can be conducted to support the University teacher education programs and the research goals of the institution. The diversity of Laboratory School activities and the representative profile of its students are conducive to a wide range of educationally significant research and developmental projects. Teachers, parents, and students are accustomed to and supportive of research activities.

Recognizing a moral and ethical responsibility to the students who attend the Laboratory Schools, the Laboratory School Unit accepts a third obligation, that of assuring a comprehensive, high quality academic program for the students enrolled. The student population will continue to reflect the academic and socio-economic characteristics typical of public school students in the surrounding community. Enrollments will be of sufficient size to serve efficiently the needs of the University by providing flexibility and variety in curricular and co-curricular activities. Effectiveness in responding to major University goals of preparing educational personnel, sponsoring research and development, and providing exemplary programs is dependent on establishing and securing academic programs of a high quality in the Laboratory School Unit.

The Laboratory School Faculty accepts one final mission to promote effective, quality education throughout their profession by aiding other educators in improving the quality of education offered in their schools. Laboratory School Faculty are encouraged to share their expertise with practicing educators by providing presentations and guest lectures, conducting workshops, writing for publication, providing consultation services, and allowing practicing educators to observe directly educational techniques in the facilities and directly visit with Laboratory School Faculty. By providing these services, the Laboratory School Faculty work continually to improve the effectiveness and quality of the educational profession.