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Activities and Athletics

Aside from a rigorous academic experience inside the classroom, Metcalf offers students many opportunities beyond the classroom to get involved.


Metcalf Athletics & Activities | New Website

Several opportunities are available to our students at all grade levels. Please visit the website linked above to access more information, complete registration, and subscribe to calendar events related to your area of interest. 

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Please reach out to our Athletics & Activities Director, Jon Haws, with any questions or concerns. 

Jon Haws, Sr. - 

Game Club and Esports

Digital and tabletop games are played for fun and competitively.

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Chess Cats

Love playing chess? Be in a tournament!


Junior Gamma Phi Circus

Learn how to unicycle, juggle, walk on a tightwire, and acrodance.

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Metcalf offers Band, Orchestra, Rock Band, and Chorus

Scholastic Bowl

A competition in which students answer questions and solve problems in various fields of study.

Student Council

A student-run volunteer organization for 7th and 8th graders. Organize school activities and service projects. Share student ideas, student interests, and community concerns with the school community.

Metcalf Theatre

Enjoy being on the stage? Join the Metcalf Theatre! Opportunities include fall play and spring musical.

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